Between 9 months and a Year to accomplish a Thangka

Christian Thangka for sale

Month’s of work on one Thangka

Natural pigment for holly Thangka

A Buddha in Nirvana

Mandala Tangka in Katmandu

3 meters for the Life of the Buddha

A holly Bodhisattva in lotus position in the Himalaya

Zone de Texte: Nepal : Thangka fashion - Thangka To Go?

 Gone are the days when you can bung a Buddha statue in your loft apartment and expect good karma.  Nowadays, decorative faith is out. In this war-torn world where religion is a bellus causi, having religious artifacts is a serious statement.    
Thank goodness, then, that the great Tibetan and Nepalese cultures that nourished the Buddhist faith for so long, also contrived religious tools that look fantastic in your front room.  
Thangkas are stunning religious gadgets.  Otherwise described as scroll banners, thangkas are seen hanging in every temple, monastery and family shrine in Tibet and Nepal...

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