Maoist leader at a destroy airport

Interview with Maoist leader’s in Rolpa District

Daily strike in the capital

Maoist graffiti on Hindu temple

Army patrolling in Kathmandu

Check point At Pyuthan District

Female policemen at a check point 

Police anti-strike at the Democracy Wall in the capital

Zone de Texte: Nepal : Kingdom of The Maoists   / Blood Baths and Bureaucrats   
  We were in Maoist heartland. We had set up a meeting with a Maoist politician and we couldn’t renege on our date.  We had four days unguided trek ahead of us, and neither side had granted permission. Now we had to cross the clash zone that separated their respective territories. Our journey was to be revelation: but not in the Revolution we’d expected.
Nepal’s civil war is bloody. Between 3000-4000 people have died in the last six months alone.  
That makes the daily death to 20, toll heavier than in Iraq.  ...

More Reportage on Maoist Comrade X

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