Lumbini - Birth place of the Buddha

Hindu monk at Lumbini

Former monastery at Lumbini

Tourist at the birth place of Buddha

Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini

Business go on in the site

Tibetan monk preying at Lumbini

Foot print of Lord Buddha at Lumbini site

Zone de Texte: Nepal : The God, the Government and the Gaudy - Lumbini            
 If God ordains to be born in your country, you’d probably think it a blessing.  Good Karma, perhaps.  But the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal has had a slightly more circumspect attitude to Lumbini; the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha.  Up until early nineteenth century English archaeological forays into the area, the Nepalese authorities took little interest in the pool where Buddha’s mother, Maya Devi, hung from a bough and gave birth to her son out of her ‘thigh’.   Now Nepal is making up for lost time.  Trouble is, the Nepalese authorities are making a holy hash of it. The only archaeological evidence for Lumbini’s significance is the testimony inscribed by 3rd century BC Emperor Ashoka on a 9metre pillar, next to the Maya Devi pool.  That’s not much to go by, but in 1976, the Nepalese Government and UNESCO designated Lumbini as a world heritage site, ripe for protection, restoration and all the usual development that goes with it.  ...

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