Refugee with Bhutan land tax receipt in a Camp in Nepal

Refugee listing the condition of return

Young Christian in the camp

Ethnically cleans at the age of 72

Woollen spinning at the camp

Weekly food for a family of 4

Refugee in Khudanabari camp

RNA in Khudanabari camp after the runaway of the Bhutan Delegation

Zone de Texte: Bhutan : A Shangri-La without human rights

 “The Buddhist authorities made me leave my country because I was Christian. I don’t mind that.  Suffering is part of life. But I want to see my country again, it is my country. I don’t think my father will live to return. They say if we become Buddhist we might have a better chance.  I don’t think so.” 
Ashok Rai, Christian Minister, 30. Khudanabari Refugee Camp. Nepal

Here’s a statistic for Demi Moore and others who have paid $300 a day to visit the so-hyped Shangri-La of Bhutan.  One sixth of Bhutan’s 730,000 strong population has been forcibly evicted from Bhutan. Their only crime is  their ethnicity.  They’re  not Buddhist and they’re not Royal Mongol stock.   ...

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