Hazaradjat – The Heart of Afghanistan

Hadjigak Pass 3600m

Bamiyan life

The Yakaolan Bazar

On the Road to Panjao

The Proud People

Heart of Afghanistan

The 7 Lakes of Bande Amir

Zone de Texte: Hazaradjat – The Afghan Heart

  Underdogs of Afghan society for over a century, the Hazaras of Afghanistan have today emerged from the upheavals in Afghanistan as one of the key players in the country's struggle for power. 
Home of the spectacularly beautiful central portion of the country called the Hazarajat, the Hazaras have suffered heavily under the burden of ancient prejudice. The unwritten association with the Mongol scourge is one reason; their religion, which follows Shi'ism in a predominantly Sunnite country, is another; and their physical appearance, distinctively Mongol and easily recognised, completes the triple historical curse. …

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