Vallorbe Swiss customs border

Zone de Texte: Switzerland - Le Corps des Gardes-Frontière
-For security reasons, the faces of some Swiss Gardes-Frontière and some foreign intercepted, have not been photographed -
Patrol with the CGFR on the frontier border in Geneva, Vaud and Jura. Identity control in the TGV Paris-Lausanne. Identity control and drugs search in the Pablo Casal train Barcelona-Zurich. X-Ray scan of income lorry on the Bardonnex border frontier and traffic identity control. Identity control at the Geneva international airport and refugee standby centre.

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The Swiss checking out at the Geneva International airport

A CGFR anti drug dog waiting for orders in Bardonnex-Geneva

The CGFR close the road at night

Identity control in Geneva

The Swiss customs X-Ray lorry Lorry

Infrared cameras border control

Inside a lorry by a giant X-Ray

ID control on French TGV

Geneva airport Police check identity

Check forgery on the French TGV

Check identity on the French TGV

Checking identity on the RIPOL

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