Jakob Tritten’s Bollywood Place de l’Opera - Paris

Mumbai Dreams

The Stars Place de l’Opera

Bollywood on Pont Alexendre III

Make up service

Kareena on Pont Alexandre III

Camera, Lights, Dance!

Kareena Kapoor – Bonjour Bollywood

Zone de Texte: Europe’s Bollywood Bonanza - Paris - France

  As war threatens in the once-favoured film location of Kashmir, Switzerland’s Jakob Tritten is making a mint providing logistics for Bollywood Hindi cinema productions filming in Europe. Now Europe is waking up to his efforts and those of his Indian colleagues with a spate of Bollywood film festivals, exhibitions and shows. Mr. Tritten couldn’t be happier – it’s taken 37 years to build the business, but now he just about possesses a monopoly over Europe for Bollywood logistics. The continent’s Bollywood craze keeps the stars in saris and the producers paying. Bonjour Bollywood! ...

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